Anthony Rizzo on Why Yoga Is Great for Baseball Players and How He Hydrates

Over the course of his career, Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo has been one of the most consistent players in baseball. Over four of the last five seasons, Rizzo has hit at least 25 home runs and added over 100 RBIs, and he’s already well on his way to another season of those numbers in 2019.

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During that stretch of time, Rizzo also made three All-Star Game appearances and finished in the top five of National League MVP voting twice. There also was that one postseason in 2016 when Rizzo hit for a .360 batting average and helped the Cubs snap the longest championship drought in sports history.

Rizzo’s consistency didn’t happen by accident. The first baseman works as hard as any player in the league on his training, and that includes a focus on yoga to help keep his body loose and flexible. Rizzo works with a Cubs yoga instructor during the season and in the offseason, helping him to prevent injuries and stay on the field on a consistent basis.

“When you get on the mat and you start putting your feet up, you ground yourself and you feel it from the ground up,” Rizzo says. “Once you focus on that, you get an understanding of the body and can slow things down. To have the muscles you need loose, it gives everything else a chance to work fluidly. After about a 20-30 minute routine, my body feels in good position to go out and perform.”

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Anthony Rizzo / Bodyarmor
Anthony Rizzo / Bodyarmor

Rizzo’s yoga work has enabled him to stay calm in those situations when you’re right in the spotlight, like when the Cubs were in the World Series: “When you do yoga and the meditation, you’re really focusing on [your breathing],” Rizzo says. “You go to a different place of calmness, and it helps me translate into big situations [on the baseball field].”

Just like how yoga is part of Rizzo’s fitness and training routine, the Cubs star has made BODYARMOR a key part of his workouts and recovery, using it to stay hydrated during games and when he’s in the gym.

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“[BODYARMOR] has all natural ingredients, you’re not putting artificial sugars in [your body],” Rizzo says. “You’re putting fluids in your body that are going to help break down faster and help your muscles recover quicker. Functional movements are most important for me. It’s being able to move and be athletic. The quick twitch muscles that you need to activate at all times, it does fortunes for life and baseball.”

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Watch the full video for more on why Rizzo loves doing yoga, how yoga helps him on the baseball field, and how he stays hydrated.

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