15 Ways New Patriots WR Antonio Brown Trains to Get NFL-Ready

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At 5’10” and 186 pounds, Antonio Brown is on the smaller side for a wide receiver. But when it comes to natural talent, he towers over the rest of the NFL.

Possessing an electric combination of speed, strength, agility, and hand-eye coordination, the former Pittsburgh Steelers and now-New England Patriots star has rewritten the record books in past seasons, setting a new mark for the most receptions by any player over a four-year span with an astonishing 481 catches from 2013-2016.

That production helped the Steelers offense become one of the most productive in the NFL, and it’s made Brown an elite star. But while natural ability has a huge role in Brown’s rise, his hard work off the field and in the weight room has paid major dividends.

All that hard work is why he was able to muscle through three Baltimore Ravens players—safety Matt Elam, safety Eric Weddle, and linebacker Zach Orr, a combined 640 pounds—to score the game-winning touchdown in Week 16 of the 2016 season and help the Steelers clinch the AFC North division. With the score tied 24-24 with just nine seconds left and the division title on the line, Brown caught the ball at the 2-yard line and refused to be stopped:

As he showed after the Steelers’ win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs when he controversially live-streamed coach Mike Tomlin’s post-game speech, Brown loves social media—but he uses it for more than just blowing up his coach’s spot. Much like super-strong former teammate James Harrison—who crushes massive weight in the gym constantly—Brown enjoys sharing his workouts and training sessions online.

Here are Brown’s most electrifying workout moments from social media.

15-11. Brown shows off his offseason workout routine:

10-6. Brown shows off back squats, band work, the bench press, and more:

5. Brown shows off his training camp workout routine:

4. Brown shows off his TRX and Pilates workouts:

3. Brown works on his agility:

2. Brown details his offseason workout:

1. Brown hits the squat rack for a workout:

Brown decided to take off all of his old Instagram videos and make new ones—but if they ever come back, here they are:

21. Brown shows off some of the balance work that helps him stay so agile on the field:


20. Brown gets in some double-band squat jumps, busting out 3 sets of 30 reps:


19. Brown does band work and shows off some of the speed drills he uses to stay fast:


18. Brown gets in some stop-and-go “bungee sprints” to help his strength:


17. Brown shows off a shoulder press in an old-school shot from college, but the move still helps him in the NFL.

“You just want to keep your shoulders and your pecs and everything clean, so you’re going to be able to get off the line, get off the block, and get hit and still stay clean.”


16. Brown’s biceps are huge:


15. Brown gets some work in with another elite player—frequent workout buddy and shredded NFL star Russell Wilson (who also enjoys showing off his workouts on social media):


14. Brown gets in some single-leg Romanian deadlifts on a BOSU while wearing a weighted vest:

No wonder he can blast through defenders on the field.


13. Much like Chargers CB Jason Verrett—see his workout here—Brown uses the 3-hurdle drill to work on his speed and agility:


12. Brown does cone drills while wearing a weighted vest:

“Being able to have flexible ankles—that work within your ankles balances everything, for explosiveness, for handles, for coordination, all of it,” Brown said.


11. Brown shows off his shredded physique and muscular legs for the ESPN the Magazine “Body Issue”:


10. Just two “small” guys working out—Brown and Wilson get some sprints going:


9. Brown might have the fastest feet in the NFL—watch what he does with this agility drill while wearing a weighted vest:


8. Brown uses some next-level gear for this agility and coordination drill:


7. Brown shows off his hip work:

“Hand-eye coordination is huge, and so is being able to sink within your hips and the flixibility that allows you to move off your defender.”


6. The UCLA Bruins secondary is no match for Brown and Wilson:


5. Brown works on his stretching and flexibility:

No wonder he was able to reach the ball over for that TD against the Ravens.


4. Brown hustles hard:

The Steelers wideout might have the best footwork of anyone in the NFL.


3. Brown goes through the ladder drill while wearing a weighted vest:


2. Brown gets things going with a loaded up sled to work on building his strength:


1. Brown has some major ups—the WR shows off some split-leg box jumps:


BONUS: Check out some of the lifts, exercises, and workouts that Brown uses to dominate the NFL:

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