Basketball Skill Training: Sink the Perfect 3-Pointer


Here’s your MF-approved guide to nailing a game-winner from downtown, as explained by Drew Hanlen, Reebok Breakout Challenge Skills coach. “[To succeed] you have to know you’re going to make it. [You] have to have confidence that you will make the shot,” he says.

1. Catch the ball in a universal stance; hips dropped, hands up, ready for the ball.
2. Catch it high and keep it high. Don’t dip the ball below your waist.
3. Get squared and stay that way. You want your feet and shoulders squared to the rim when you land.
4. Finish your release with elbow in line with your eyebrow.
5. Flick your wrist strongly at the rim. The ball will go where your wrist tells it to go.


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