Best Seat in the House? Detroit Tigers Fan Catches Five Foul Balls in One Game


Lots of fans dream of catching a foul ball at a baseball game.

How about catching five?

Maybe Earth’s gravitational pull was a little off at Comerica Park on Monday, but Detroit Tigers fan Bill Dugan found himself in the perfect spot: He caught five foul balls during the game, giving him something to cheer about even as his Tigers lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates, 7–4.

(Technically Dugan caught six total fouls—one during batting practice and five during the game. But who’s counting?)

Dugan, a Tigers season ticket-holder, told the Detroit Free Press that that the area between sections 124 and 125 is prime for foul balls. Dugan’s snags weren’t all easy catches either. In the second inning, he managed to grab one that ricocheted off the upper deck:


Dugan played the part of Santa Claus on Monday, giving away all the balls he caught to young fans attending the game, ensuring that the kids would leave smiling despite the Tigers losing. 

“I’ve got a room full of them, so I can’t be greedy,” Dugan told ESPN. He says he has over 200 balls at home that he’s caught during Tigers games.

Catching five foul balls is quite the feat at a baseball game, but five isn’t even the best result that Dugan has had while coming to Comerica Park. “My record’s eight—four during a game and four during batting practice,” Dugan said.

We’ll put it this way: If you’re looking for a foul ball at Comerica Park, make sure to sit near this guy.

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