Bill Hemmer’s 2009 NFL Memories


Before (what’s left of) The Who takes centerstage at halftime. Before the kickoff. Before the coin toss. Before the endless hours of pre-game predictions, pageantry and hype. Before it all will be the memories of the season gone by.

FOX News anchor Bill Hemmer is a former sportscaster and die-hard (albeit broken-hearted) Cincinnati Bengals fan. Come Sunday February 7, he’ll be on the 40 yard line, just behind the Saints’ bench for Super Bowl XLIV.

MF had a chance to talk to Hemmer who predicts, “Miami is in for a good game!” We agree, but what about this past season? Below are Bill’s top five most memorable moments of the 2009 NFL season (in no particular order).


Hall Tips to Stokely
Opening game this season with my beloved Cincinnati Bengals leading the Denver Broncos, at home, and Cincinnati cornerback Leon Hall tips a pass into the arms of Denver receiver Brandon Stokely who promptly sprints for an 87 yard touchdown with 11 seconds remaining. Bengals fans wonder—yours truly included—where would we be without suffering?


Favre Non-Retirement Moment
Brett Favre to Greg Lewis in late September as the Vikings went on to beat the 49ers with two seconds to play. The pass went only 32 yards, but Favre threw it like a cannon shot!


Colts’ Questionable Strategy
Pulling the Indy Colts starters against the NY Jets in Week 16. Memorable because many doubted it was the right call. Alas, to date, Indy has proven the second guessers wrong. Pretty good money in Vegas that Peyton wishes his team was still undefeated.


Chris Henry R.I.P.
The tragic and untimely death of 26-year-old Chris Henry. Enough said.


Saints’ Holy Run
The New Orleans Saints’ 13 game winning streak. That’s a solid American story of determination (and the love of a good party).

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