Brian Carruthers Has Built a Business Empire That Started with Sports Cards

Brian Carruthers

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One of the greatest aspects of entrepreneurship is that it has no age limits. Few have proven this truer than Brian Carruthers. His mission to create his dream lifestyle started at a young age with his first business and has led to an empire of success, including 4 best-selling books and a 7-figure work from home business. This is his entrepreneurial story.

At just 12-years old Brian Carruthers and his cousin started collecting baseball cards. They would use their weekly allowance to buy 35-cent packs of cards from the convenience store in search of their favorite players. Shortly after, Carruthers attended his first card collectors show and that’s when he realized just how valuable some of these cards were. The idea of making money from his collection lit an entrepreneurial fire within him.

Carruthers started doing anything he could to earn more money and buy more cards. He was raking leaves, washing cars, chopping, and selling firewood, and even selling French fries on the beach. By the age of 15, Carruthers had 9 lawns jobs every week and was renting tables at card shows to flip his inventory. All this hard work was paying off as Brian was able to turn his hobby into a full-fledged business. By age 17, Carruthers had a tax resale license and a direct distributorship with all the major card manufacturers, making him the youngest officially licensed distributor in the card collecting space.

As Brian Carruthers gained experience, he understood there were two main components to the card collecting business. The first part was retail mark-up. This is where he would purchase cards and mark them up for a 20-50% profit margin immediately upon sale. The second part, and the component he enjoyed most was speculation. This component would allow Carruthers to predict which cards would increase in value over time. Carruthers once purchased 200 Mark McGwire rookie cards for 25 cents apiece and later sold some of them for $20 per and few for $100 or more. He once bought a Michael Jordan rookie card for $3 that is now worth thousands of dollars. Carruthers’ love for the game and knack for spotting value allowed him to stack cash throughout his time at Villanova University.

After finishing college in 1992, Brian Carruthers jumped into the real estate field and started using his commissions and experience in collecting to speculate within the stock market. As in his past, Carruthers had a knack for spotting growth potential and has personally built an 8-figure portfolio consisting of many homeruns. Similar to his success with a $3 Michael Jordan rookie card, Carruthers was an early investor in companies in apple where he turned $500,000 into just over $11 million.

Brian Carrutherss success in business has allowed him to create his dream lifestyle built around the things that he values most. Being able to spend time with his wife Melissa and their three children: Talan, Colton, and Aiden. Carruthers encourages his children’s interest in starting businesses for themselves and sees it as a great way to bond as well. He aims to pass along the wisdom he has gained from his entrepreneurial journey to his children, so they too can create a life by design as he has done. His hope is that his story will inspire other parents to teach their children the importance of financial literacy and business knowledge.

This is where Brian Carruthers’ story as an entrepreneur blossoms. As a dad, his son Talan has watched him for all of his life and has grown fond of Carruthers’ money-making ways. Talan says when he’s out of college, rather than getting a job he wants to build a home-based business just like Carruthers and have many investments in his portfolio. He’s off to an early start in his life just like his dad, so the nut didn’t fall far from the tree. Talan is now collecting and investing in cards like his dad did and is interested in stocks and crypto.

“We enjoy investing in certain players and then watching those games with a heightened interest and it is so much fun. His reaction when he pulled a $1,000 card out of a $5 pack last year was a memory we will cherish for life. I get to enjoy a hobby and do investing with my son, it’s our way we bond. I’m tearing up just saying this.” -Brian .Carruthers

“I believe that investing in sports cards led to me becoming a successful investor and businessperson. I believe that teaching this to my son is giving him financial and investing education otherwise he may never learn. My hope is that more parents get into the sports card or even Pokémon card hobby and learn it along with their kids. Bond over it, learn entrepreneurship and create a foundation for a better financial future through it.” -Brian Carruthers

If you’d like to reach out to Brian Carruthers to learn about starting a home-based side business like he did, or to discuss the card hobby, shoot him an email at or visit his site at

If you happen to have a collection of sports cards, POKÉMON, Yugioh, non-sports cards, sealed video games or collectibles in your basement collecting dust and you’d like to sell for cash, contact Brian Carruthers here

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