Russian Curler Stripped of Medal for Doping

Photo dated on February 8, 2018 shows Russia's Aleksandr Krushelnitckii brushes the ice surface during the curling mixed doubles round robin session between the US and the Olympic Athletes from Russia during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at the Gangneung Curling Centre in Gangneung. The Court of Arbitration for Sport said it had opened an anti-doping case against Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky on February 19, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / WANG Zhao (Photo credit should read WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)Image via Wang Zhao / Getty

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has formally charged Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky with doping. According to The Guardian, he tested positive for the substance meldonium, a Latvian creation that was originally used as a non-antibiotic growth promoter in livestock feed, but can also be used to treat some heart conditions. Last week Krushelnitsky won the bronze in mixed doubles with his wife, Anastasia Bryzgalova, but he’s since been stripped of the win.


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Krushelnitsky is maintaining that a Russian athlete who did not make it to the Olympics spiked his beverage with the drug. This comes on the heels of the world of kayaking being stunned by an incredibly similar drink spiking incident.

Dmitry Svishchev, the Russian curling federation president, told the Guardian he couldn’t believe his athletes would knowingly take a substance before a competition. “Only a crazy person takes banned substances before a competition, before the Olympics. It’s a strange story. It raises a lot of questions,” he said.

Krushelnitsky and other athletes from Russia are not participating under the country’s flag as Russia was banned from the Olympics after widespread doping. The athletes compete as individual Olympic Athletes From Russia. Only athletes cleared by an anti-doping panel were permitted to compete in PeyongChang.

Russia’s Olympic athletes are no strangers to doping accusations. Read up on the severity of the 2015 scandal that hit the track and field team before the 2016 Rio Olympic games.


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