Brutal Hockey Brawl: Chris Kreider Rips Off Cody Eakin’s Helmet, Then Bashes Him With It


When New York Rangers star Chris Kreider fights, he uses all the tools at his disposal.

Including his opponent’s helmet.

And while the Rangers lost to the Dallas Stars, 7-6, on Tuesday night in a game filled with offensive highlights, the most incredible of those has to be the fight between Kreider and Stars player Cody Eakin.

The fight came in the second period, and likely stemmed from this hit Eakin put on Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist earlier in the season. Eakin was suspended four games for the hit, but that didn’t stop Kreider from playing enforcer for the Rangers and taking matters into his own hands.

At 6’3” and 226 lbs, Kreider towers over 6’0”, 190-pound Eakin—but that wasn’t enough for him. Kreider actually managed to straight-up rip Eakin’s helmet off his head, and then started using it to bash Eakin in the head. Just watch:

Here’s another angle of the fight for your viewing pleasure:

The NHL announced on Wednesday that Kreider was fined $5,000 for the offense, which is the maximum that the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement allows. But Kreider likely was happy to pay the fine for the fight—that’s how you defend your goalie.