Cavaliers Star Kyrie Irving Is Turning His ‘Uncle Drew’ Commercials Into a Feature Film


Watch out everyone, Uncle Drew is back.

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving is bringing his beloved character to the big screen for a feature film adaptation, according to Variety.

Irving starred in a series of commercials for Pepsi as the character, where he transforms with makeup and prosthetics before taking to the court for pickup games and schooling younger players on the game of basketball.

The commercials were very popular and well-received and now they’ll be on the big screen. The film is described as a “love letter to basketball” and the story of the movie will be a sort of “Blues Brothers in the pick-up basketball world,” according to the pitch by writer Jay Longino.

The movie will follow “Drew and his old squad on the legendary Rucker Park basketball court in Harlem. Years later Drew is talked into returning to the courts to compete in a tournament and goes on a road trip to round the old squad up to play.”

No release date has been set, but it likely will need to be filmed during the offseason, since Irving is attached to star again as Drew.

Check out some of the videos below of the past campaign: