Champion Powerlifter Dies After Street Fight With MMA Fighter: Report

Champion weightlifter dies after street fight with MMA fighter
Sanne_Berg / Getty Images

A mixed martial arts fighter has been accused of killing a European powerlifter in a street fight in Russia, according to a report from the British tabloid The Sun, citing Russian news reports.

The report identifies 32-year-old Russian powerlifting champion Andrey Drachev as the victim. The suspect in the case has been identified as a 25-year-old amateur MMA fighter, but he has been identified by two different names in different reports: The Sun names him as Anar Allakhveranov, but the Russian website Crime Russia identifies him as Anar Ziranov.

The fight reportedly started after the two men had an argument over “whether mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting is better than gymnastics,” according to The Sun‘s report. Even more surprising: The brawl reportedly occurred at 7 a.m., outside a cafe in southeastern Russia.

Shocking video of the fight was published by the Sun, showing the two men fighting on the street. In the video, the suspect is seen kicking Drachev multiple times before Drachev falls to the ground. Once Drachev goes down, the suspect starts punching him multiple times before he is pulled away.

Russian state media sources had reported that the suspect (then unnamed) was still at large after the fight. The Sun has since reported that the suspect was arrested after the fight, although that had initially been disputed by Russian state media.

Drachev previously won a silver medal at the world powerlifting championships in 2011.

We will update this report with any relevant information as it gets released.

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