Chile Sets New World Record With 120-Hour Soccer Match

Chile Soccer World Record / YouTube RT Sport

Talk about endurance.

A group of over 2,300 amateur and professional players came together at Bicentenary Stadium in Chile for a five-day marathon match that lasted for 120 hours.

The score? It was a nail-biter at 505-504, with the white team beating the blue team.

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The match set a world record for the most players to participate in a single soccer match, and an unofficial record for the longest match ever. The official record still technically belongs to a group in Scotland, who played a 105-hour match in 2015—but the Chileans did not seem to mind that.

“I hope that this (record) remains unbroken for some time,” Guillermo Maripan told Reuters.

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Maripan, who is a defender for Universidad Católica in Chile’s Primera División, was among a number of professional players that took part in the game. Maripan’s teammate Cristopher Toselli appeared in the marathon session along with Bryan Carrasco of Audax Italiano, and Gabriel Castellon of the Santiago Wanderers.

We’re guessing the pitch needed some new landscaping after the match.