The 2018 Winter Olympics Could be the Coldest in Over 20 Years

Winter Olympics
 Image via Richard Heathcote / Getty

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony goers are getting left out in the cold.

Temperatures are predicted to be close to 7 degrees Fahrenheit in PyeongChang, South Korea, for the opening ceremony festivities. If that forecast stays true, it will be the coldest first Olympic night since the Lillehammer winter games in 1994.

Frigid temps could pose a problem for those celebrating as the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium hosting the ceremony doesn’t have a central heating system or a roof, according to Time. Olympic officials have started to prepare for the weather and will be providing heated pads, blankets, and hot food and beverages to spectators. Thankfully for the athletes, none of the competitions will take place there.

American athletes, meanwhile, will be ready for the cold — they’ve been hooked up with Ralph Lauren-designed parkas featuring a button connected to a battery pack that helps heat their coat. A little easier than waiting in line for hot cocoa.