Cristiano Ronaldo, the Plyo-Pushup Expert

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has it tough. He is arguably the best soccer player in the world (it’s either him or Messi), he is dating Irina Shayk, and he is richer than most of us can ever imagine. He is also a bit of a fitness fanatic, as the video below shows.

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The Portuguese star just has to top his teammates at everything, and here he is putting them all in their place once again. While the rest of the lads all bang out regular pushups, some with decent form and some not, Ronaldo takes it to the next level and does 15 plyo pushups in ten seconds, followed by a nice back flip to get back on his feet. Check it out:

It would seem that the man can do no wrong (OK, he didn’t have the greatest World Cup, but he can’t do everything on his own). Ronaldo is, in fact, so cool that he can get away with doing Japanese commercials like this one and still come out of it, well, smiling. This is some awesome weirdness right here:

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