Cristiano Ronaldo Talks Intense Real Madrid Training, Winning the Champions League, and Designing Jeans for Athletic Guys

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Champions League
Angel Martinez/Real Madrid via Getty Images

After dominating the soccer world with Real Madrid in 2017, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to dominate off the pitch, too.

A quick recap: Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or (awarded to the best soccer player in the world), and led Real Madrid to historic back-to-back titles in the Champions League. Now, the superstar has partnered with manufacturing and design company Uniti Fashion to bring his own signature fashion line, CR7 Denim, to life.

Ronaldo is already a force in the fashion world with his CR7 clothing brand—and now he’ll have another line to add to the collection.

“I’ve been lucky to work with a very talented design team,” Ronaldo told Men’s Journal. “I love denim, but for anyone who has an athletic build, it’s often been a struggle to find stylish jeans that fit comfortably. What really inspired the design was the desire to create denim that wouldn’t compromise between fit and function.”

The jeans come in multiple fits—including slim, straight fit, and classic skinny options—with prices ranging from $79, $110, and $144. The jeans were made using a stretch fiber to give more flexibility and comfort, and the designs have small nods to Ronaldo, including the number “7” stitched on the fly.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Denim Fashion Line

“It was incredible seeing the ideas come to life through the design process,” Ronaldo said. “I’ve always had trouble finding a good skinny jean in the past, but these designs are cut for motion and comfort.”

Additional senim products will also be available on the website, including Denim Jackets, 13 styles of jeans, eight shorts styles, and two jacket styles.

Ronaldo released the official launch video on his Instagram:

Ronaldo spoke with Men’s Journal about the new fashion line, playing in the Confederations Cup, and training for Real Madrid’s 2017-18 campaign.

What are you most excited about in bringing this collection of jeans and shorts to people around the world?

I’ve been working on this collection for quite a while, so, at this point, I’m just excited to share it with the world and see how everyone reacts to it. I hope people will be pleasantly surprised by what they see. Fans will be able to get their hands on a small piece of me with it, and the fashion world will find a high-quality denim to wear.

Fashion and style are obviously a big aspect of your life. What was your inspiration for the collection? What design input did you have in the collection?

Fashion has always been an interest of mine, and I love denim, but with my athletic build, it’s often been a struggle to find stylish jeans that fit my athletic build comfortably. With CR7 Denim, what really inspired me was the desire to create denim that wouldn’t compromise between style, fit, and function. As for my design input, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a very talented design team at Uniti Fashion. Throughout the collection, you’ll see small elements that reflect my personal style. It’s been incredible to really see my ideas come to life through the design process.

What are your favorite pieces of the line?

I’ve really been loving the Type-S skinny fit jean. I’ve always had trouble finding a good skinny jean in the past, but thanks to CR7 Flex, the CR7 Type-S is cut for motion and comfort.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Denim Fashion Line

How would you describe your personal style? What are your favorite types of clothing, accessories, and outfits?

My personal style tends to be casual and comfortable. I gravitate toward skinny-fit jeans, a simple button down or T-shirt, and trainers. I’m a busy guy, constantly on the go, so comfort is key. For a more formal occasion, I never turn down a well-tailored suit.

What are some ways you keep yourself fit throughout the season and during the summer? What’s your daily workout routine like?

For me, the season never stops. I’m always in training, and it’s how I keep myself in peak physical shape. When I’m not on the field training, I’m in the gym focusing on weights and cardio. I think a good balance of weights and cardio is a great way to keep yourself in shape year-round.

How did you train for the Confederations Cup in such a quick turnaround after winning the Champions League? What are some of the exercises, drills, and workouts that help you prepare those important tournaments?

I do a combination of exercises with different objectives, may those be explosive power, flexibility, or cardio. There’s a lot that goes into my training—from what I eat, to when I sleep, to what muscles I work out in the gym. Everything is part of a master plan that has made me into the player who I am today. We’re always thinking forward to the next tournament, so we went right training for the Confederations Cup. When I do have downtime this summer, I hope to spend as much time as possible with my family and loved ones.

What has this year been like for you? Winning back-to-back Champions League titles, the Euro 2016 championship, the La Liga title, and the Ballon d’Or—what do all those accomplishments mean to you?

It’s been an amazing year, no doubt. I’m so proud of our team and what we’ve been able to accomplish. But it’s important for me not to get comfortable and settle, as life is about the journey and constantly improving.

What is your daily diet and nutrition like? What are your favorite healthy foods to help support your training?

Apart from sticking to a strict diet, I also make sure to always have my favorite healthy snacks around me, things like fresh cut fruit and protein bars.

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