David Johnson on Nicknames, Life Advice, and Facts Few People Know About Him

You know David Johnson. The 6’1″, 225-lb juggernaut of a running back who plows through linebackers like a freight train and charges around the field with blinding ferocity. But do you really know the NFL great?

Men’s Journal put Johnson in the hot seat to get to know him a little better—before he returned the favor and showed our editor up in a running back workout.

In the full interview, Johnson reveals he didn’t always think he’d be a football player.

“I actually thought I was gonna be a basketball player, but, in middle school, I stopped getting taller,” he says.

He also dished on his absolute favorite body part to train: “Legs. I’m pretty big on squatting and doing leg press.”

Want more? Johnson discussed his favorite gear of the moment, what he considers his spirit animal, and, of course, his favorite cheat meal.

Watch his full interview and workout.

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