Watch: A Day in the Life of an Alta Ski Patroller

Alta is the birthplace of snow science in the United States. It became so, not merely out of curiosity, but by necessity. The town was nearly wiped out by avalanches multiple times in the early 19th century. And the snow continues to fall. Earlier this month, avalanches cut off resort access for 52 hours.

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So Alta’s Ski Patrol became the first in the nation to develop avalanche mitigation, and have been behind some of the major developments in the science ever since. In this video, produced by Alta Ski Area and Sweetgrass Productions, the patrollers take you through a day in their boots: rising at the crack of dawn, tossing bombs, and skiing powder—remember, they don’t do it for the money.

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Find out more about the history of Alta Ski Patrol at Alta’s website.

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