The Denver Nuggets Wage War on Locker Room Pizza

The Denver Nuggets Wage War on Locker Room Pizza

The Denver Nuggets have been consistently starting games slowly this season. 

Despite a 13-8 record and winning eight of their last 10, the Nuggets have managed to trail their opponents after the first quarter of every game in the month of December. Head coach Brian Shaw, desperate for answers, zeroed in on one potential cause of his basketball team’s woes: junk food. 

The Denver Post reported that Shaw walked into his team’s locker room last week and saw players eating pizza and nachos before the game. (Yes, before taking the court—not to be confused with certain sports that partake in high-calorie revelry after games, like hockey.) Shaw attributed the team’s poor eating habits to their lackluster starts. So he threw out all the junk food and banned all greasy items before games. Though the Nuggets changed to cold cuts and fresh salads before Monday’s game against the Washington Wizards, they still started poorly in that game, as well.

Shaw’s wife Nikki attended culinary school, and the coach credits her for changing his own eating habits. “I could pretty much eat anything that I wanted and burn it right off,” he told the Denver Post back in October. “Now I don’t get to exercise as much as I would like to.”

We all know that junk food ultimately results in poor health and an enlarged gut, and high-sugar levels puts stress on your metabolism, and because fast food and junk food are missing the “good” kinds of carbohydrates, it leaves you feeling fatigued and often sleepy.

Sounds like no way to start an NBA game. 

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