Does Ronda Rousey’s Boyfriend Fight Dirty?


One of the biggest things that will be remembered about UFC Fight Night 81 in Boston yesterday was the unexpected outcome of the match between heavyweights Matt Mitrione and Travis Browne—Ronda Rousey’s new significant other.  

The fight was neck-and-neck in the first round until Travis Browne threw a questionable punch towards Mitrione’s right eye. They continued to fight, until Browne once again threw a consequential punch towards the same eye, and a replay confirmed that it was another clear eye poke. At that point, Mitrione told the ref that could not see. The fight was actually paused twice so that Mitrione could receive medical attention, but he was cleared to resume fighting.  

In the third round, Browne layed a devastating punch at the same site of the eye poking, and Mitirone’s eye swelled to a gruesome size. Brown would eventually get Mitrione on the floor, and win on a TKO by punches. Mitrione commented that the eye pokes and swelling definitely had an effect on the outcome of the fight.  

Travis Browne stated that he meant no ill will towards Mitrione, and he mentioned that he was very sincerely apologizing to Mitrione inside the cage, telling him that the pokes were purely accidental and that he would try to not let it happen again.    

As if the pokes and the upsetting loss weren’t enough, Mitrione found out after the fight that he broke his orbital floor.

Jon “Bones” Jones reacted to the fight on Twitter:

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