Doug Flutie Interview: Staying Fit After NFL Football

Doug Flutie Interview: Staying Fit After NFL Football

Doug Flutie is one of the most beloved quarterbacks in football history. The Heisman Trophy winner, six-time CFL (Canadian Football League) MVP and NFL Comeback Player of the Year recently spoke with about his post-gridiron pursuits: His workout regimen, what keeps him motivated at the gym and the types of obstacles he faced during his playing days. Flutie also chatted about his Dove “Journey to Comfort” commercials, a new campaign that captures the BC alum sinking 70-foot jump shots … with a football.

MF: How has your workout routine transformed since your playing days?

DF: Now that I’m getting older, I definitely can’t lift as much as I used to. My routine is much more aerobic. Lots more running and cardio. I’ve also started doing yoga just to keep my muscles loose and relaxed.

How about your diet? Has that changed at all?

It’s funny, when I was playing, I never really watched what I ate. I was always in the gym, so I could burn off burgers or any heavy carbs I digested throughout the day. Today, I do watch what I eat a little more, just because I’m not constantly working it off in the weight room. But my eating habits haven’t really changed too much.

We know it’s sometimes tough for athletes to get motivated for workouts post-playing days. What keeps you training after your football career?

Both of my brothers (Darren and Bill) are great baseball players. They’d been playing for this over-30 league in town and I decided to join up. It’s a really great experience and helps keeps me in good shape. It’s also something to look forward to and train for during the week.

Was there ever a time during your career when you had to work to meet a specific goal?

When I joined the CFL, I knew the field was wider than the NFL (110 by 65 as opposed to 100 by 53), so it would mean lots more running — one of my strengths. At that time, I did a lot more sprinting and just cardio work to develop my speed and power. It really made a difference once I got out there.

Has there ever been a time when you’ve had to overcome an obstacle on the field?

The way I look at it, my entire career has been an obstacle. I was a 5-foot-10 quarterback in the NFL. During my college and pro career, I was judged and evaluated on a daily basis. My size was always something I’ve had to overcome. Also, back in ‘95, I tore a flexor tendon in my arm and had to go through a long rehabilitation process. I thought about retiring, but worked my way back on to the field. (Flutie went on to win the CFL Grey Cup in ’96 and ’97.)

Can you tell us a little about your Dove “Journey to Comfort” ad campaign? You seem pretty comfortable in your own skin.

Doing the commercials is a blast. It’s really a great idea. Although I still like to work out, my life is about my family, coaching my daughter’s sports teams and just enjoying the little things in life. I’m definitely comfortable in my own skin and content with my life post-football.

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