Down & Dirty


MF: What are you up to in New York?

DM: I’m here to hit up as much media as I can before the Dew tour starts. That starts next weekend, June 22, 2006, it’s the first stop of the Dew tour this year, and its in Louisville Kentucky. There’s four other stops, Denver, San Jose, Portland, and Orlando.

MF: How long has the Dew Tour been around?

DM: This is actually the second year of the Dew Tour. Everybody’s probably familiar with the X games, and unlike the X games this is more of a series, there’s five stops. Its awesome, it’s a whole different kind of goal to set for yourself, to stay consistent throughout the whole year. Whereas X Games is one banger, its definitely the most recognizable action sports event around, that most people will know about. Its cool because X games is the one big hit event, and the Dew Tour is five awesome stops.

MF: What’s your role with the Dew Tour?

DM: I’m competing in it, in vert and street, or park as its called now, the vert and park disciplines. I’m working to promote it and get people to check it out and see what kind of athletes we are.

MF: Will we see it on TV?

DM: It’ll be on NBC. We have quite a bit of live coverage, which is pretty amazing for action sports.

MF: You’ve been in this sport the longest. What would you say is the biggest change you’ve seen in the sport of BMX throughout your career.

DM: I would say the evolution of the sport, its progression. The age difference is crazy. I’ve been around a long time, I turned pro in ’92, and I’m still out there competing because I love it, but its cool to see the amount of kids that are getting involved, and that’s whats amazing. You see a 17-year-old kid that’s out there and he’s amazing. What they do at a young age now is much different than what I did when I was younger. All the years that I’ve been out there, riding in the X Games, the TV exposure, its just great to see the sport progressing into something that’s more of a lifestyle, and a worldwide sport, which is cool.

MF: I see you have some visible scars. What’s the worst you’ve ever messed yourself up while riding?

DM: My worst injury I’d say would be tearing my spleen. So I had to get my spleen removed. That was probably the gnarliest spill. It was at a Dallas, Texas state fair in ’95. I had to have a week stay in the hospital.

MF: You’re famous for being the first to pull the double backflip in competition. What made you go for that and what were you thinking right before you did it?

DM: You know, Woodward camp in Pennsylvania has a huge gymnastic camp. They kinda incorporate foam pits with BMX and skateboarding and inline. There were a few guys that did some doubles in the foam, and they did them on a resi, which is foam with plastic. Jay Miron actually, he’s the first one to do it on anything other than a resi, but in a very calculated situation. My situation was, there was a contest in Raleigh, North Carolina, there was a big jump, and I said you know what, lets show the world, whats possible on a bike. X Games was my goal, 2000 X Games I said first trick, first run, double flip, no matter what. Since then theres even more amazing stuff that people are doing, myself included. So check out the Dew Tour and you’re gonna see a lot of that amazing stuff, that’s a lot more technical than a double flip. A double flip is very… it’s a ballsy move, but it’s a straightforward double flip, whereas some of the new stuff is pretty technical, its almost like freestyle skiers. It’s nuts.

MF: What is your fitness regimen like? And your diet?

DM: What I love to do, and what helps me mentally and physically is cycling. Just going out on a road bike, six days a week. With my schedule its tough to stick to that all of the time, but I love going out, basically 30 to 45 minutes every morning. It helps get loosened up, moderate where your heart rate is, keep it at a steady pace, that’s hard to do. Its great for me. Then I get on my bike and I try to ride 1-5, is what I like to do, with the weather getting hotter in North Carolina, I’ll go out at about 11. Then I come home and sit in front of the TV and do some lightweight dumbbells, not to bulk up, just to stay solid and keep your muscles tight. I guess that’s really it. I’m a big fan of protein shakes, before I go to bed and when I wake up. Although it is tough to stay on a perfect diet when you’re traveling. My diet is egg-white sandwiches, with eggbeaters, in the morning, turkey sandwiches with yellow mustard and wheat bread, and then grilled chicken. I am a pasta freak and I do end up at an Italian restaurant probably 3 or 4 times a week, so, that’s my party.

MF: What other sports do you enjoy watching or playing?

DM: I enjoy playing golf, I enjoy bowling, and I enjoy cycling. I like going out and riding, recreationally and for training. I’m definitely more of an active person, I’m not a big TV fan. I have a hard time watching shows cuz I’m more of a get out and do it yourself person.

MF: You’re about to be a father. If your child were to get into extreme sports, would you encourage and support them? Would you be scared?

DM: My wife’s due in October with a baby girl. Whatever my kids want to do is going to be supported by me. Action sports, to me, would be the easiest road to achieve, for me, and if they wanted to do that it’d be awesome for me to say to them “It got me places I never thought I’d be at.” There are some dangers but then again there are a lot more dangers in the world that I’d be more scared of, than what I do.

MF: So you wouldn’t mind watching your daughter drop down in a vert ramp?

DM: I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t mind it at all. She’s gonna have her own mind, which is gonna be cool. I wanna see her get into things. Especially at a young age, don’t rule anything out. I think its great to keep an open mind and have a good time. When she gets older she’ll do what I did which is figure out what I love. I did that a young age, and I’m still there now, its hard to find.

MF: As for your videogame series, are there going to be any upcoming versions of Dave Mirra’s Pro BMX?

DM: There’s actually a new one, a PSP version coming out soon.

MF: Do you play your own game? What’s it like to play a videogame as yourself?

DM: Yea man, when my first two games were out I played them all the time. Believe it or not you can actually get some ideas from playing the videogame. So there are a lot of benefits from it. For me it goes like a wave, you know, there are times when I’ve spent six hours in front of the TV playing a videogame, but those days are hard to find now.

MF: What are some other current projects and activities that you’re working on?

DM: This year my partner and I started a new bike company, its called Mirra Co. Started January 1st, and we’ll have the whole line of bikes out in September. We’ve partnered with Trek for their distribution. You’re gonna see them all over the place. For me it’s a really cool venture because through all the years that I’ve ridden bikes, for other companies, for me to give back to BMX through Mirra Co. is probably gonna be one of the most interesting and fun things at the end of the day, when I’m riding and when I’m not riding. That’s another journey that kinda got thrown on the fire here in 2006.

MF: So what do you listen to when you work out? What songs pump you up? What’s the last thing in your CD player?

DM: Latest album in my CD player… I’ll tell you right now, in one of my cars I have some Social Distortion, some Dr. Dre, theres Nickelback, Tessla, theres one more I can’t remember. In my other car I have Cinderella, I got some old stuff, some big hair bands for sure.

MF: What about when you’re riding or cycling?

DM: When I ride my playlist is pretty much: Metallica, Motley Crue, Social Distortion, Cinderella, Slaughter, some Dre, umm.. a lot of big hair bands. I like the old 80’s rock.

MF: Who is more hardcore, BMXers or skateboarders?

DM: I would say that BMX is… I don’t wanna call it more hardcore, but I will say that it takes a toll on your body. The way that skaters can knee slide out of tricks, we can’t. So I try to condition myself within reason to stay fit, confident, and still limber, without trying to bulk up. I think cycling is the newest thing that I do that I really like and I’ve been doing it for about a year, pretty serious. Talk about confidence, your legs feel great, it feels awesome. The energy, the endurance, your legs, it’s a great overall workout, and then lightweights, and that’s pretty much all it is.

MF: What about that tattoo on your arm, what is the significance?

DM: Its my birth year, it says “est. ’74”. I was born in ’74. I got this about a year ago.

MF: Thanks so much and good luck on the Dew Tour.

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