Dumb Sports Rules That Need to Go

Dumb Sports Rules That Need to Go

We hate when officials don’t know the rules. They can take an otherwise awesome game and completely ruin the outcome and the experience. In fact, just thinking about it now probably brings back a few bitter memories. But sometimes stupid calls aren’t the result of incompetent refs. Instead, they’re because of stupid rules.

Our partners at Bleacher Report have gathered a list of the dumbest rules in sports. Check out the full article for all the details. But in the meantime, here are a couple of examples:

Baseball Managers Wearing Uniforms: We get that they’re a part of the team too. But who thought it was a good idea to have some old, chunky guy stuffed into a baseball uniform in the dugout? Baseball uniforms are revealing enough as is. Do models’ managers rock bikinis at fashion shows? No. Leave uniforms for the athletes. Take a hint from basketball and wear a suit.

Points for Overtime Losses in Hockey: We’re all about sportsmanship and playing for the fun of the game. But we didn’t really like those “participation awards” adults gave us after Little League or soccer tournaments when we were 10, and we’re not exactly fond of being awarded points for losing either. For a sport as brutal as hockey, you’d think they’d be ready to drop such a doting rule.

Rules aren’t the only outdated aspect of sports. See what sports traditions need to go.


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