Dustin Johnson on His Range Routine and Practicing Wedge Shots

As a major champion and one of the best golfers in the world, Dustin Johnson has a number of routines he uses to stay at the top of his game. Just like he does in the gym, Johnson sticks to those routines when he’s warming up at the driving range before heading into the start of a tournament.

“I’ll do the same kind of routine every day,” Johnson says. “I’ll start with my 60″ and hit a few short pitches to get loose. Then I’ll work on my three different shots with those wedges. After that, I’ll hit my 8-Iron, 6-Iron, 4-Iron, maybe a couple 3-Woods, and my driver. I always try and keep everything the same.

For Johnson, getting in work before he starts a tournament is important, as it helps him get into the right flow before taking his first shot: “If I’m not hitting a driver on the first hole and I’m hitting a 4-Iron or something, I might hit that a few times right before I go to the tee, to mimic whatever shot I’m going to hit off the first hole,” Johnson says.

Dustin Johnson / Bodyarmor
Dustin Johnson / Bodyarmor

As part of his driving range routine, Johnson makes sure he’s hydrating enough to stay energized, and he uses BODYARMOR LYTE for it. “It’s got everything you want in it with the vitamins, minerals, no artificial flavors or sweeteners. It’s something that you want to put in your body and something that’s going to make your body perform better.”

Watch the video to see Johnson in action during his driving range routine and how he trains to get ready for the golf course.

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