Dwyane Wade and Conor McGregor Are Stripping Down for ESPN Body Issue



Everyone knows the saying, “No two bodies are the same.”

Especially not the famous ones.

The 2016 edition of ESPN the Magazine‘s Body Issue feature 19 male and female athletes representing 16 different sports, including baseball, basketball, football, MMA, diving, and beach volleyball. Headlining this year’s edition: UFC fighter Conor McGregor, all-pro receiver Antonio Brown, and NBA all-star Dwyane Wade.

Wade’s inclusion comes as something of a surprise. After turning down the invitation for the past seven years, the Miami Heat star finally came around and decided to taking it all off. ESPN, naturally, posted a photo of a naked Wade, palming a black basketball, in a position position that pays homage the famous Greek statue of Discobolus of Myron, commonly known as The Discus Thrower.


Here’s the full list. (We see you, Vince Wilfork.)


Whether you’re trying to emulate these players’ immaculate physiques or you’re just a fan, the issue should definitely be worth the look. The new issue hits newsstands July 6.

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