Eighth Grader Sets 8 Powerlifting Records

Eighth Grader Sets 8 Powerlifting Records

Being able to squat 143.3 pounds and deadlift 176 pounds may not be the most impressive feats of strength ever recorded. That is unless, you are a 105-pound, 13-year-old girl—in that case it is enough to set eight different world records.

That’s exactly what Abbey Watson, an eighth grader from Broomfield, Colorado did. Watson began weightlifting when she was just 10 years old after her father took her along to a Crossfit gym near their home. After joining him for just one workout, she was hooked.


Since then, she has been waking up at 5:30 AM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work out before going to school. Aside from dedication beyond her years, her coach says part of her success comes from the fact that she is so young.

“The main reason she is lifting weights that surpass some adults, is that she hasn’t been told for decades that she is limited,” says Coach Jonathon Sabar.

So what is next for Abbey Watson? She hopes the Olympic Games; after her homework is finished that is.

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