Fit Fix: Billy Hamilton Straight-Up Flies, Makes Incredible Catch Against Mets


Air Billy: Cincinnati outfielder Billy Hamilton proved he’s got some major ups, vaulting through the air to make an incredible flying catch in the Reds in what looked like a solid win before the Mets went ahead and scored four runs in the seventh to steal the game, 4-3.

Heeeeere’s Johnny: Johnny “The Predator” Cueto earned his 6 year, $130 million contract with the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night, hurling a brilliant 7-hit shutout against the San Diego Padres for a 1-0 win.

Cutch Hitting: If Cueto was Tuesday’s standout defensive player, then the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen made a claim to the offensive title, as he served up three home runs—in the first, second, and sixth innings—in a 9-4 win over the Rockies at Coors Field.

Ink Fit for Royalty: As part of the Sacramento Kings’ new logo rollout, the team is offering to pay to have the new images tattooed on a number of fans. Because, yeah, there’s no way that could go wrong for anybody. [ESPN]

The Gym in a Gym: For most guys, the average big-box gym has plenty of equipment and more than enough room to get in a solid sweat session and be done with it. But as gym-goers of all stripes start to look for more coaching, specific training, and higher intensity, gyms are finding that the best ways to cater to their needs is to simply create a new “gym within a gym,” which helps them put boutique fitness studios inside existing facilities. [The Wall Street Journal]

Eat Ugly: The next time you’re browsing the produce aisle, grab a few of those misshapen, scarred fruit that nobody else seems to want. There’s some evidence, however circumstantial, that organic fruits with visible marks of fighting off infection or pests—which are usually harmless to humans—are both tastier and more packed with antioxidants than their unblemished counterparts. [NPR]

A Shot at Redemption: On the surface, 180 Recovery Project in Lancashire, United Kingdom, looks a lot like your typical CrossFit gym (box, sorry). There’s just one exception: All the lifters there are former addicts, and they’ve turned to power cleans and box jumps to forge a new life for themselves. []

Hemsworth Gonna Hemsworth: Oh Chris, you slay us—and, apparently, the ladies of the Ghostbusters remake.


Samuel L vs. the Phone Zombies: Check out the new trailer for Cell, the action/horror flick starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack based on Stephen King’s 2006 novel of the same name.


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