Fit Fix: ‘Dozens’ of Russian Athletes Used Steroids at Sochi Olympics in State-Sponsored Doping Ploy: Report


Tainted Gold: Dozens of Russian athletes used steroids at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi as part of a detailed state-run doping program, the former director of the country’s anti-doping lab told The New York Times. Grigory Rodchenkov, the former director who fled Russia and now lives in the U.S., said the athletes were slipped a cocktail of three anabolic steroids via whiskey (for men) or vermouth (for women), and then benefited from a meticulous cover-up effort that involved breaking into allegedly tamper-proof sample bottles of urine and then swapping out evidence with clean samples. The report involves at least two athletes who won gold for Russia. [The New York Times]

Who’s the Coach Here?: Maybe don’t try to ask smarmy questions of Gregg Popovich after his team suffers a season-ending loss, okay guys?


Eat Up: Breakfast has always been touted as the most important meal of the day. But a raft of new research has suggested that it’s not the timing that makes it important, but the content: “If [your] breakfast is based on highly processed carbohydrates [such as sugary cereals or sweet rolls], it may be as bad [as], or worse than, skipping breakfast,”  David Ludwig, an obesity researcher and nutrition professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, told NPR. [The Salt]

Of Headaches: Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams scored 15 points and made 11 rebounds in Thursday night’s conference semifinals victory—all while recovering from a migrane headache so severe that he had been throwing up and needed an IV before the game. “Don’t think I’m a hero, it’s just modern medicine,” he said. [The Oklahoman]

… And Heartaches: Tim Duncan didn’t have the greatest game Thursday—his last shot was blocked—but he said afterward that neither he nor Spurs teammate Manu Ginobili are ready to consider the looming possibility of retirement. Still, it was a noble conclusion to one of the greatest regular-season runs—67 wins at home—in NBA history. [ESPN]

… And Fireballs: Danica Patrick started heating up at the start of the weekend in Dover—but not as planned. Because of a gear failure, Patrick’s car caught fire on a practice lap ahead of the Sprint Cup Series race, leading her to crash into the inner wall of the track. The ensuing oil leak ensared both Jamie McMurray and Patrick’s teammate Tony Stewart. “Even a member of the safety crew that responded to the accidents slipped on the oil and fell hard to the track surface as he came over to survey the situation,” the NASCAR press release notes. [NASCAR]

… And Hard Knocks: Check out the new trailer for the upcoming season of HBO’s series about NFL training camp, this one with the St. Louis Rams:

Tears Across the Galaxy: Chris Pratt and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn are apparently so stoked about having Kurt Russell in their new movie that they were bawling when he wrapped on the set. [CinemaBlend]

Party Like It’s 2013–2016: After locking up their fourth Bundesliga championship in a row, Bayern Munich is live-streaming its celebration in Allianz Arena on Saturday, inviting fans around the world to tune in live.

GRONK SPIKE: Introducing the cover of EA Sports’ Madden NFL 2017, starring number 81.

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