Fit to Fly

Fit to Fly

Billionaire jet-setter Richard Branson (one of our 25 Fittest Guys in the world for 2009) loves to kite surf. To do it, he clamps his feet to a wake-style board while holding on to a kite, which pushes him forward with the wind.

Sounds easy, but it requires tremendous core strength to stay upright. Before you try it, hit your abs and lower back hard for a few weeks. Otherwise, the only rush you’ll get is from swallowing too much seawater.

Why He’s One of Our Fittest for 2009
Age: 59
Country: United Kingdom
Career: Founder, The Virgin Group

At his age, many billionaires would be content to kick back on their private island. Not the eccentric Branson, whose passion for fitness is exuded in both his personal endeavors and business interests. In addition to kite surfing on his Necker Island, Branson swims, skis, surfs, dogsleds, and plays tennis. The maverick also commits to physical wellness through companies like Virgin Health Miles and Virgin Active, a chain of U.K. gyms, which will soon be expanding worldwide.

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