Former Arsenal Star Stefan Schwarz Sheds 40 Pounds, Transforms Body

Stefan Schwarz
Steve Mitchell/EMPICS via Getty Images

If you bumped into former pro footballer Stefan Schwarz on the street in 2017, you might not recognize him.

The 48-year-old has completely transformed his body, dropping more than 40lbs to go from flabby to absolutely ripped.

The former Arsenal player and Sunderland captain has been using the “16 Weeks of Hell” program from his trainer Tony Andersson, and the results have been impressive. Schwarz posted a photo on Instagram showing his progress over the last three months:


Schwarz wrote on Instagram that he’s been using power walking as a daily exercise—sometimes walking up to six miles per day—and showed off some of the other moves he’s been doing:



Schwarz isn’t the only European athlete to get shredded after retiring from his sport.

Former cricket player Chris Tremlett also underwent a stunning change, going from around 190lbs to more than 270lbs. Tremlett bulked up with dumbbell workouts, squats, legs raises, and deadlifts, making his 6’7” frame look even more massive. Check out his transformation:

Schwarz still has one more month to go with the program, so chances are he could be even more jacked by the time he’s finished.

In the meantime, if you want to give your body a jolt with a shredded transformation, give these workout programs, training routines, and nutritional options from Men’s Fitness a try:




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