Foul-Mouthed Boxer Whips Wimps Into Shape

Eric kelly_rotator

Ever wonder what your trainer says behind your back? Even if you’re the toughest gym rat, chances are your trainer—who sees you at your sweatiest, weakest moments—has an opinion about the quality of your workouts. He just might not share all the dirty details. But Manhattan’s most feared boxing trainer Eric Kelly sure isn’t shy about his.

In his recent promo video for Church Street Boxing Gym in New York City, he trains as he puts it, “A bunch of fucking nerds. Wall Street guys. No coordination. They’re just not athletic people.” Harsh is an understatement when it comes to Kelly’s steady stream of colorful profanity about his “wuss” clientele, who pay 125 bucks per hour lesson, and despite Kelly’s ego-busting methods, keep coming back. 

“A lot of these cats, I wish they’d just forget the address to the gym. You know, not everything is for everybody,” says Kelly.

But, sharp-tongued as he is, Kelly, a Florida native, has an impressive career—104 wins, 14 losses—proving his credibility among wannabe fighters. He has been a four-time national amateur boxing champion, two-time NYC Golden Glove champion, and was ranked #1 in America and #4 in the world while he attended school at the United States Olympic Education Center. But, when he was hit in a street scuffle a few years back, he suffered nerve damage in his left eyelid halting his amateur career. Now, he’s a boxing trainer swamped with clients, and straddling the line between aggressive motivational coaching and profane yelling. Our opinion? It works, but only for those tough enough to take it. 

(Warning: NSFW Language)

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