Giants Punter Weatherford Reveals Sick Abs

Steve weatherford rotator

There’s no shortage of shirtless selfies on Instagram, but this particular flash of abs is something special.

Why? Well, there are football players with ripped abs…and then there’s New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford. The eight-year NFL veteran made news when he put his 8-pack on display via his IG account (@weatherford5) last week, posing in a flex-off with a fan. Weatherford’s caption said he and the hairy-bellied man called the contest a draw, but owning sick abs like Weatherford’s makes you a winner in our book.

Weatherford told the New York Post that he doesn’t exactly aim for ripped abs, but being an effective punter does call for a fair amount of core strength.

Steve Weatherford’s Super Bowl Training Regimen >>>

It’s important that Weatherford is ready for the Giants season opener on Sept. 8 in Dallas, but for now the 30-year-old is definitely ready for the beach.

“It’s a combination of being blessed with good genetics and being disciplined,” Weatherford once told in a story about his Super Bowl training regimen. “A lot of guys might wake up one morning with a sore back and take a day off. I never do.”

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