Golf Isn’t a Low-Impact Sport After All. Here’s How to Protect Yourself Against Injury

GolferMichaelSvoboda / Getty Images

Unlike the fluid strokes of golfers of yore, the modern golf swing is explosive, the club whipping around fast.

Those hundreds of strokes a golf round unleash a compressive force equal to eight times your body weight—the same impact as a football lineman hitting a sled—on your lumbar spine, a report in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine reveals.

5 Reasons Every Golfer Should Lift Weights

5 Reasons Every Golfer Should Lift Weights

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Researchers warn this can cause spine strain and disk degeneration. Core strengthening exercises can lower your risk, especially when combined with gentle stretching to keep lower lumbar joints loose. Check out the best exercises for golfers to help mitigate your risk.

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