Golf Legend Greg Norman Shares His Top Tips for Winning Life

Hall of Fame golfer Greg Norman poses with golf clubs and binoculars
On the green and in the boardroom, Greg Norman lives up to his nickname: The Shark. Gary Land

During his career, Greg Norman racked up 91 professional wins and spent 331 weeks atop the Official World Golf Ranking. On the green and in the boardroom, the Hall of Famer lives up to his nickname: The Shark. Here’s how he stays razor sharp. — as told to Jack Haworth



Greg Norman Shares Top Tips for Winning Life

Stay in the Moment

Every player wants to win every tournament they tee up in. But when it comes down to the last six or nine holes, they’re not thinking about winning or losing, whether it’s the Masters, the Players Championship or the Dell Match Play. They think about how to play the next shot. And if it turns out they win—get the green jacket on their shoulders or pick up the trophy—then that’s what they trained for. Just focus on how you’re going to apply the best of your abilities, not what event you’re playing in, to give yourself a chance to win.

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Take Ownership

You’ve got to be aware of your body and what you put into it, as well as what you get out of it. It’s like being the CEO of a company: Your inflow needs to be better than your outflow. At the end of the day, you’ve got to manage the whole process. I think a lot of people shove whatever they can find in their mouths and don’t understand the consequences.

Supplement Mindfully

I’m not the type of guy who just takes a bunch of different vitamins or supplements, but I started taking Novex Biotech supplements in October 2020, and it helped me big-time in the gym. When I take the Oxydrene supplement [for energy and endurance] before workouts, I can feel the difference in my oxygen and performance levels. My recovery time between reps is really quick. I definitely notice better sleep with GF-9 [a natural growth hormone booster]. From an overall wellness standpoint, the benefits have been a pleasant surprise, and it’s really increased my enthusiasm to be more involved with health and wellness.

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Hack Your Sleep

I have an Oura Ring sleep and activity tracker I got when I started taking GF-9—just to see what would happen. The consistency of my sleep has gotten so much better with the GF-9 supplement. I used to be a five-hour guy, but last night I slept for seven hours and 46 minutes. Sometimes I fall asleep in one to three minutes. That’s a testament
to working your ass off all day, but also the fact that my body is in a good place.

Prioritize Health

My health—and not having any preexisting conditions—was a big benefactor for me getting through COVID-19 the way I did. Until you have it, you don’t realize what happens, because it’s a different virus than you’ve ever had. I was in a world of hurt—severe aches and pains down to my L4 and L5 vertebrae, which I’ve never experienced before. It wasn’t easy. You’ve just got to grin and bear it.

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Research & Prepare

I host a radio show on the SiriusXM PGA Tour channel that has gone very well. So once Sirius became the exclusive radio of the Masters, they approached me to see if I was interested in being lead analyst for this year’s live broadcast. I didn’t make an immediate decision. I had to do my due diligence to understand what’s necessary. I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest. It was like stepping into a dark room and not knowing where you’re going to stub your toe. Obviously, I have a history at the Masters from an emotional standpoint, and for tying the course record at Augusta. The only thing I haven’t got there is a green jacket.

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