The Greatest Rivalries in MMA History

Greatest rivalries_rotator

MMA fighters are ruthless. They’re animals, and they get paid to pummel, kick and choke their opponents into submission. In such a violent sport, where ego and id run completely unchecked, rivalries build between combatants, often reaching the boiling point come fight night. Rocky Balboa vs Drago? That’s kid’s stuff. From the trash talk of Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva, to the sheer spectacle of Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell—not to mention Dana White’s impending plan to punch the Internet into submission—these rivalries, and the bloodbaths that inevitably play out in the cage, are the main reason why the fans keep showing up. After months of hype and sensationalism, two men enter the ring, but only one leaves with his dignity intact. Get the complete list of best MMA rivalries >> Which is your favorite?

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