The Gronkowski Family Is About to Dominate Your Gym With a Line of Fitness Gear


Behold, mortals: Rob Gronkowski—He-Man Conquerer of Defensive Backs, Superhuman Partier, Progenitor of the “Gronk Cruise”—has reached down from the pinnacle of athletic brofessionalism to grant his powers to you, the average dude.

Yeah, that’s right: Gronkowski has teamed up with his brothers and his dad (all colossal, athletic human beings) to create Gronk Fitness, a new company that produces weight room gear. And contrary to what you might expect, it is designed for regular bros.

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The company offers a surprisingly wide range of equipment, from functional fitness gear like push sleds to traditional strength gear like dumbbells. (Their 20kg/45lb weightlifting bar is built to the same International Weightlifting Federation standards as weight-room standards like Elenko and Werksan, notes a BarBend review.)

Based in Buffalo, New York, the Gronk Fitness empire now spans two generations. Patriarch Gordon Gronkowski, who founded a fitness brand of his own before Gronk Fitness, played football for Syracuse University. Gordie Jr., the eldest Gronk son, played baseball in college and the minors. Chris was a wrecking-ball fullback at Maryland and Arizona before a stint with the San Diego Chargers, while Dan played tight end for Maryland and several NFL teams. Glenn, the youngest of the clan, is set to make his NFL debut at the start of the 2016–17 season with the Buffalo Bills.

And then, of course, there’s Rob.


And to be clear, we haven’t had the chance to try the Gronk Fitness gear out yet, so we can’t strictly endorse it, but we’re betting it’ll at least be popular in Patriots-themed home gyms around Massachusetts.

You can check out the full line of gear at the Gronk Fitness homepage, if only for the (probably intentionally) hilarious video of the Brothers Gronk making kissy faces at the camera.

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