Harry Kane’s Secret for Top-shelf Performance? Meal Prep, Minimal Carbs, and Zero Booze.

Harry Kane kicks soccer ball during the FIFA World Cup
IAN KINGTON / Contributor / Getty Images

Soccer star Harry Kane has been on a tear lately.

The temporary England captain and Tottenham Hotspur ace has racked up 13 goals in his last eight games—pretty impressive numbers for someone competing against the sport’s most elite athletes day in and day out.

While natural talent is essential for success in the league, Kane gives much of the credit to his new diet. He’s so adamant about a solid nutrition plan, in fact, that he’s hired a personal chef/sports nutrition expert to prepare healthy meals for him six days a week, according to an interview with The Independent.

The results speak for themselves on the field, where Kane admits to being quicker, stronger, and better at holding off defenders. He’s also seen results off the field, where he’s been able to recover much sooner than expected from an ankle ligament injury he suffered a few months back.

The sudden diet change started at the beginning of the year, when Kane was looking to spice things up instead of the same old “boring” meals he ate on a regular basis. “I had a guy come ’round and explained what you could do, eating the right food at the right times,” Kane said. “It blew me away a bit. I’d never looked too much into it, but he explained what the body does and how he could help me recover. He helped me in the recovery from the injury, with foods I was eating.”

It’s not just about the foods being consumed, but also the timing of the meals. “You could eat healthily all week and then carbs before a game, and that could make your body go into shock because you’re not used to it,” says Kane. “So maybe eat higher carbs sometimes, lower other times, making plans around training.”

As for booze, Kane kicks it to the curb completely during the entire season to maximize his play on the pitch. Now that’s dedication—and it’s helping the talented athlete achieve his, ahem, goals.

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