How Bleed Esports Reaped Massive Success over a Relatively Short Period


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Although the Esports field was a somewhat smaller part of gaming for years, it has observed incredible growth in viewership and revenue. Apart from big competitions in renowned games, e.g., League of Legends, the industry was not that popular outside gaming circles. This has, however, changed over the last two pandemic years; there has been a constructive influence on Esports’ reach as a whole as its popularity continues to rise significantly in East Asia.

Riding on that wave, many new Esports teams have emerged. Among them is Bleed Esports from Singapore, which has reaped massive success over a short period.

Bleed Esports is a Singaporean Esports organization and the first Asian Valorant team to import players from Europe. Mervyn Goh founded the organization on September 30, 2021 and signed members from Team UwU’s Valorant roster as their first Esports team. Bleed Esports is already an international sensation just a few months after its inception and has been competing in numerous online events in the Southeast Asian region.

While better players usually get imported or stay in Europe, the good ones decided to join an Asia team. That said, the Singaporean organization boasts of signing Swedish expert player Jacob Mourujärvi, popularly known as Pyth. Pyth is the first European player to move to Singapore to compete in the VCT 2022 season. Additionally, they signed Swedish Valorant pro Max Lönnström, alias Maxie, as the team’s in-game leader earlier in the year.

Bleed Esports’ most remarkable tournaments include SEA Esports Championship 2021: Singaporean Qualifier, VCT 2022: APAC Stage 1 Challengers, and the VCT 2022: Malaysia Singapore Stage 1 Challengers, where they were placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively. In their local tournaments, they won their own Christmas Showdown event. Their Valorant roster entails Lee “LEXY” Jun Hao Xavier, Darren “FirstLove” Mok, Lim “Lenne” You Xiang Lionel, Derrick “Deryeon” Yee, Jacob “Pyth” Mourujärvi, and Max “Maxie” Lönnström.

Bleed Esports

Mervyn shares that he founded and established Bleed Esports with the primary goal of transforming how audiences view online gaming and ultimately redefining the sports industry. He stated, “In the past couple of years, most people were forced to spend a lot of time at home with fewer activities to engage in. This narrative has changed over time, and those who cannot do much outside nowadays find it easier to just tune in to a stream and watch an Esports competition.”

This trend facilitated Bleed Esports’ rise to prominence. However, the early days were challenging as the team struggled to attract players. “As a relatively new organization with little known information, players did not trust us initially. They had to relocate to our main offices in Singapore to work, and most of them found it a great risk,” the CEO clarified.

Notwithstanding the initial hurdles, Mervyn and his team never gave up. Understanding the positive impact equipment and gear offered to players can have on their performance and zeal for the team, they formed an exclusive gaming house and equipped it with all state-of-the-art facilities. This significant investment augmented the organization’s reputation, thus attracting international players to the team.

The founder and CEO of Bleed Esports would love the team will soon become a household name that every player seeks to join. In conclusion, he encouraged anyone seeking to start something not to be afraid to start from scratch, and you will eventually make it to the top.


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