13 Times J.J. Watt Fired Up Instagram With His Workouts

Pro Football Focus' top player J. J. Watt
Pro Football Focus' top player J. J. Watt Patrick Schneider / AP

J.J. Watt is back.

Following a nightmare 2016 season that saw the Houston Texans defensive end play just three games after suffering a herniated disc—and then another injury in 2017—Watt is looking as shredded as ever, especially his arms.



Watt’s been beat up over last two years—he suffered torn abdominal muscles, two herniated disk injuries, torn abductors, and a broken hand—but now that he’s through rehab and back in the gym, the 6’5”, 289-pound athletic beast thinks this year could be his best season yet.

“I got a little bit more of a jump on the offseason because I didn’t play, so I’m stronger at this point than I’ve been before,” Watt told Men’s Journal. “I obviously had a difficult year last year, but I’m back into a regular training program and regular offseason program—it’s very good to be back in the gym just working.”

Watt showed off just how hard he’s been working in this photo on Instagram:

one day at a time.

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Watt’s explosiveness and speed are major reasons why he’s been a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year winner. If Watt can stay healthy, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be in the running for a fourth award in 2018. Watt’s versatility and explosiveness make him absurdly difficult for offensive linemen to block and his training reflects that.

“My routine covers everything from flexibility, to power, to speed, to agility, it’s not always lifting in the gym,” Watt said. “It’s a fast-paced workout with a lot of different moving parts. We got from the field to the weight room and back again. It’s very comprehensive, including all the little muscles that an athlete needs to work on, not necessarily all the main things everybody thinks about.”

Watt previously set a personal-best of 61″ on the box jump and he’s looking to set more personal records.

Here are J.J. Watt’s 13 best Instagram workout moments:

Bonus: Watt’s looking like the Incredible Hulk these days:

13. Watt and Texans QB Deshawn Watson get in sled work following injuries:

somethin special brewin… @deshaunwatson

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12. Watt works the ropes in the gym:

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11. Watt shows off his delts before a big lift:

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10. Watt’s biceps look massive as he loads up with weight plates:

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9. Watt loads up the sled and gets in a stadium run for a workout:

Hunt Greatness. #TeamReebok

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8. You have to be tough to deal with a bruise like this:

Throwback to when this happened in the 1st half of the Bills game…

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7. Watt gets ready for a workout:

6. Watt’s box jump personal record is 61 inches. Here, he gives another one a try:

5. Yeah, Watt is pretty damn shredded:

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4. Okay, Watt isn’t really lifting anything here, but it’s Arnold—who also happens to be a fan of sharing his workouts on social media:

3. Watt’s explosion was as strong as ever after surgery in 2016:

Post-surgery progress.

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2. As Watt laid out for Men’s Fitness in 2016, tire flips are a big part of his workout routine—and he likes the 1,000-lb variety:

Post-Workout. 30 Reps. 1,000 pound tire.

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1. Watt loads up a massive back squat: