Imagining a Skiing Ghost Town Before Coronavirus

In the spring of 2018, professional skier Yann Rausis and filmer/editor Guido Perrini found themselves in a peculiar position—they had Verbier all to themselves. The resort, bustling in the winter, was a ghost town in April.

The pair thought it could be a cool project to film some spring lines in the empty resort and play with the idea of having the run of the place. But with a lack of available action shots they shelved the project.

Verbier was fully open when the pair filmed and Perrini made only a few edits to remove passersby.

Two weeks ago, Rausis and Perrini remembered the footage they shot what feels like eons ago, and with Verbier closed for the season they looked at it in a new light.

“We did all the lifestyle shots of me wandering around the resort being alone, we never finished the edit because we didn’t get enough action shots. We couldn’t shoot extra shots this year because of the virus. For the action shots we went through and took from my archives and edited it together. Guido had the idea to add in the Aftereffects ghosting,” says Rausis.

Amazingly, the closing shot of Rausis drinking a Corona was simply a coincidence. It adds a certain ghostly flair to the film.

Rausis spent the last two years recovering from an injury after a career-best fifth-place finish on the Freeride World Tour. He is currently planning to film a big mountain skiing project in high alpine terrain with Faction this May, if conditions allow. “The season isn’t over yet.”

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

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