J.J. Watt Made Tyrann Mathieu Do 100 Pushups. Here’s How You Can Do It, Too.

Watt Mathieu Pushups / Twitter @Mathieu_Era

The college football season is underway, meaning it’s time for friendly wagers between friends and fans—and NFL players.

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J.J. Watt, who played at Wisconsin, and Tyrann Mathieu, who rose to fame as LSU’s “Honey Badger,” made a bet about the matchup of their former teams during the first week of the season, with the loser being forced to do 100 pushups. Wisconsin upset No. 5-ranked LSU 16-14 at Lambeau Field in a thrilling game, meaning Mathieu had to get down and bang out 100 pushups for Watt:

Watt showed Mathieu his “respect” after making good on the bet:

Banging out that many pushups might not be too difficult for NFL players, but if you want to reach the century mark, you’ll likely have to train for it. Here, Men’s Fitness has some workouts and tips just for you:

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