Joe Fournier Is Always Knocking Out The Competition

Joe Fournier
Joe Fournier

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Fight night is almost upon us guys. On April 17th, Triller’s Fight Club is hosting a 4-hour pay-per-view event that is being headlined by Jake Paul. But you’ll also be getting a fight by the man who is taking the fight game by storm. Joe Fournier is taking on music icon Reykon to a bout in the ring. Before the big fight arrives, get to know a little more about Joe and the path that led him to this new arena that he is taking over with an interview given exclusively to Men’s Journal found below.

Joe Fournier
Joe Fournier

1. Entrepreneur, nightlife impresario, boxer, tell us a little bit about the career outside of the ring?

I actually started in the fitness industry and built a great fitness business. I sold that business and then got into hospitality (bars, clubs, restaurants, and eventually hotels). Hospitality has kind of become my second life and is a space where I really excel and continue to work in today. I currently have one of the top clubs in Mykonos called Bonbonniere Mykonos and we are gearing up for a great summer.


2. You own one of the most successful nightclubs in Mykonos, and you’ve done very well financially. Why step into the ring?

Some people need to find other things to challenge themselves when they have reached their pinnacle and achieved wealth. Some people climb Everest or take up triathlons. I box. I was always a fighter since I was a young kid. I always loved boxing and fighting. I used to fight back in the day, bare-knuckles just to get paid a few bucks. Where I grew up, it became a way to provide rent and necessities for my Mom. So that was kind of my go-to and I loved it.

When you’re in a boxing ring, you can’t hide, can’t blame your teammates, you basically put all of your masculinity on the line in front of all your friends and family, and if that doesn’t motivate you or excite you or give you the adrenaline rush then I don’t know what does. I guess it kind of turns into a bit of an obsession.

What’s also great about it is it takes you to deep waters mentally. You’re cutting down your food to 900 calories a day in some circumstances. Not drinking water for 24 hours to make weight. Cutting 15 pounds. You really start to understand yourself and what your body needs and how much and realize the excess that we live in on a daily basis that we don’t even notice anymore. If that makes sense.


3. Tell us how you got into boxing?

One of the reasons I’ve come back at 38 is that I really want to prove people wrong about age. As long as you take care of your body and your health, you can do things way longer than you think. I want to prove the data is wrong.


4. You are fighting Reykon on April 17th, how do you feel about the fight?

I just want to say the fight doesn’t start in the ring, it’s everything that leads up to it and the challenges between me and myself that I have to get through.


5. Tell us about your training regimen?

So right now, I work out six days a week. On the boxing side, I spar three times a week, and then I do technical boxing work the other 3 days. In addition to my boxing, I do strength and conditioning training, which includes work in the gym as well as track work such as sprints, long-distance running, and agility drills.

I currently take Sundays off, but I don’t really like days off. I think it makes your brain wander. I know you need to rest, but I choose something like yoga, pilates, or a light jog to music to clear my head.

Right now, I’ve really had to cut my calories down as I am in the last month of training for this fight. It’s kind of stressful increasing my water intake which obviously helps the breakdown of fat. Also, no more fun time. I had my last big party a few weeks ago and in four weeks leading up to the fight I don’t drink alcohol. I dropped any kind of extracurriculars, fun dates, fast food, eating out. I don’t do anything. I’m like a monk for the next month. I’m a virgin again.


6. What’s next for Joe Fournier? What are you hoping for after this fight?

I’d love to get either another great entertainer like Jake Paul or someone else like that in the ring because you know, why not? It’s great. He needs a test, and he needs a real boxer in front of him. And we’ve had our words, you know, all over social media and whatever else. But I’m also happy to jump into the ring with a real boxer. A veteran who wants to mix it up. I’m not really worried about who my opponent is. As I said, the challenge is just the whole buildup, press conferences, the razzmatazz, this shit called “King”, the winding each other up, the mind games, you know, I win before I get in the ring. You don’t ever see me mean mug my opponent, I’m smiling because I know I’ve done the work.

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