Jonathan Kendrick and ROKiT Bring Support for the Williams F1 Racing Team

Jonathan Kendrick and ROKiT

Jonathan Kendrick and the ROKiT Brand are ready to bring glory with the Williams Formula One racing team. Kendrick has committed to the team and is ready to support the racing squad as they try and improve and move up in the F1 ranks.

Along with John Paul DeJoria, a business partner of his, Kendrick has said that he’s ready to help the team bounce back after some setbacks during the season. But that hasn’t kept Kendrick from being excited about the future.

“My goal is to help them get back to where they want to be,” Kendrick told The Sun. “We have a multi-year deal with an option of an extension. It is a tough time, but they will come back. It is all cyclical. Look how long Ferrari took to win their next grand prix. I can give Williams some stability.”

Kendrick is a fan of the sport and his connections to it run deep. As he said in an interview with, Kendrick previously worked as a tyre engineer decades ago.

“I was a Goodyear tyre engineer when I was 20 years old in Wolverhampton,” Kendrick said to “All Goodyear racing tyres for Formula 1 were made in Wolverhampton, where I was born. And in 1978 they sent me out to look after the new team in Buenos Aires. And quite remarkably I was the tyre engineer for Alan Jones and Frank at the first race in Argentina. And 41 years later here I am as the title sponsor! It’s a dream come true and I’m very proud to be sat here.”

Kendrick had the opportunity to sponsor numerous teams, but he wanted to throw his support behind Williams and the work they are doing: “We wanted to sponsor a Formula One team and we were approached by another three teams,” Kendrick said to The Sun. “We are a British company, they are a British team. I love the heritage and I bought into Claire’s vision to where the team should be, and we are there for the long term and we will help build it and get it back to where it should be.”

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