Julius Randle Got Shredded With a 3-week Body Transformation. Here’s How You Can, Too.

Julius Randle of the Lakers
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

During Julius Randle’s exit interview at the end of the regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers front office told the young forward to use the off-season wisely and turn into “a beast coming back in incredible shape.”

Consider the challenge answered.

Randle had a solid season in 2016-17 while averaging 13.2 points and 8.6 rebounds per game, but the Lakers are expecting more out of their 6’9″, 250-lb forward.

Randle took the challenge to heart, and in just three weeks, Randle went from a bit of a pudgy belly into a shredded beast with a six-pack.

Later in the summer, in August 2017, Randle continued to keep up his good work, getting his body fat down to 6%.

“I feel great,” Randle told Spectrum SportsNet. “My body feels like I’m in great shape, my legs, everything is coming together, so I’m excited, I’m ready to go…(I weigh) about 240, I was 243 last time, 6% body fat.”

Following a practice with the Lakers in September, Randle continued to talk about how his body change has already been showing positive results in his game.

“I feel great,” Randle said to reporters after practice on September 28. “Being light on my feet, playing with energy and pace. Being active. I feel like I can be active for long stretches of time without getting tired. I can cover more ground. I’m in better shape, so I see things before they happen. Fatigue makes a coward of us all.”

Yeah, Randle really looks like a new player:


Randle’s fiancée, Kendra Shaw, shared another look at Randle a few weeks after his initial transformation.

The Lakers star is really getting shredded:


Randle did a lot of varied workouts, including core training, heavy med ball work, stabilization drills, and band exercises:


Here’s another look at the training Randle did, including jumping rope and an intense cardio workout:



In this video, Randle gets things going with dumbbell exercises, more jump rope work, and heavy med ball exercises:



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