Kevin Hart Cracks up Players at Los Angeles Rams Training Camp

Kevin Hart Honored Hollywood Walk of Fame
Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer / Getty Images

Fans of the NFL‘s Rams know there hasn’t been much reason to smile when it comes to the team’s performance these past 15 years.

However, that all changed (if just for a day) with the appearance of Kevin Hart and Scott Eastwood at the team’s training camp at UC Irvine. Not only did the two Hollywood celebs, and former Men’s Fitness cover models, show up for some face time with the players, they actually participated in a few of the day’s drills.

After pumping up the team with a few motivational words…



…the two famous visitors took to the field to show off their athletic skills. Or, at the very least, their ability to survive.

Here, Hart demonstrates his determination to hold onto a sled for dear life.



And what about the comedian‘s ability to field a punt? It’s not looking very promising.



Hart did have a more respectable showing in the 40-yard dash. When it was all said and done, the funnyman broke it down with the following words of appreciation and encouragement. 



And lastly, while Hart may not be the biggest guy, as clearly demonstrated in this photo, he does stand tall when it comes to the admiration and respect he received from the Los Angeles Rams organization.


Amazing. #WhatTheFit

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