Kris Bryant: Chicago Cubs Superstar, Noted Sharp Dresser, and World Series Champion

Kris Bryant: Chicago Cubs Superstar, Noted Sharp Dresser, and World Series Champion

One thing you can’t train without:
Music that really gets me going. I live by the Spotify Top 50 playlist. I don’t like to get caught up in the same songs or the same artists over and over.

Best training advice you’ve ever been given:
Take care of your body when you’re young. A lot of older veteran players say they wish they’d known that. Make sure you’re stretching and eating right.

Hardest workout you’ve ever done:
In college, my team did the CrossFit WOD Murph—run a mile, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, then another mile. It was ridiculously hard, but it definitely got me in shape.

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Favorite off-season exercise:
I really enjoy a run around my neighborhood in Vegas. The weather there in the winter is perfect.

Perfect training meal:
Whether it’s a protein shake or a nice meal, I just make sure I’m eating something after I’m done training. I wish I knew how to cook. Maybe that’ll be an off-season activity for me.

Favorite cheat meal:
Oh, I love ice cream. My go-to is Tonight Dough, the flavor Ben and Jerry’s made for Jimmy Fallon. I could sit down and eat a pint of that while I watch a movie.

Frustration or challenge you constantly battle in training:
When spring training is coming around the corner and the season’s about to start, the last thing I want to do is another week of workouts. I just want to get out there and play some baseball. I struggle with that every year.

When you realized you could go be a major leaguer:
I was 12 years old, in Little League, when I separated myself from some of the other players. I started to hit a lot more home runs. I believed in myself, and it worked.

Your greatest triumph so far:
Winning Rookie of the Year last year. I was live on TV when the award was announced, but my earpiece wasn’t working, so I didn’t hear them say I’d won until people started to come up and shake my hand. And when I actually received the award at the Baseball Writers’ Association of America dinner in New York, a blizzard shut down the city.

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Toughest thing that’s ever happened to you on the field:
I’ve had a lot of success on the diamond, but the summer after my freshman year in college, I really struggled in the Cape Cod Baseball League. It’s stacked every year with the nation’s top collegiate talent—everyone is just so good—and that was the first time I just fell flat on my face. I just had to learn to get over it. But I’m glad I went through it.

Qualities you most admire in an opponent:
How they deal with winning. It’s easy to toot your own horn. The team that doesn’t do it is more respectable.

Attribute you most value in a coach or advisor:
Positivity. At this level, you can’t put down another player or coach.

Your personal style off the field:
Jeans. A good form-fitting T-shirt. A nice button-down, like the Express Athletic 1MX. I could sleep on a plane in one of those.

Best piece of advice you’d give to your younger self:
I’d probably tell my younger self to dress better. Too many terrible high school outfits. That, and believe in yourself.

What inspires you to keep going:
I’ve always been the type of kid who wanted to get straight A’s, to do the best I could on a test, to make it to the major leagues, and win a World Series. It’s the attitude I’ve had since I was little, and I don’t think I’ll change it anytime soon.

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