The Language of Love: Must-Know Tennis Lingo

The Language of Love: Must-Know Tennis Lingo

If you want to play tennis like a pro and trash talk like it’s a college beer bong tournament without looking like a joke, you have to know the jargon. Here are some of the key words and phrases to study up on before you hit the courts.

Love: The term for “zero points.” Love may be derived from the phrase “to play for love,” or to “play without wager, for nothing.”

Ace: A serve that isn’t touched by the returner, resulting in a point for the server.

Baseline: The farthest parallel line from the net.

Carry: When the ball rests on the racquet instead of being hit. A deliberate carry results in the loss of a point for the oŽffending player.

Centerline: The line that runs perpendicular to the baseline.

Daisy Cutter: A shot that skids or takes a very low bounce.

Drop Shot: A soft shot that drops just over the net.

Foot Fault: Occurs when a player touches the baseline or centerline during a serve, resulting in the loss of the serve opportunity.

Jam: To hit the ball near or at your opponent’s body, causing an awkward or weak return.

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