Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald

The EAS Unstoppable Tour could not have a more fitting sponsor than Larry Fitzgerald. Since being drafted 3rd overall in 2004, the five-time Pro Bowler has been as close to unstoppable as any player in the league. To really understand just how dominant Fitzgerald has been, one need only look at his yearly numbers—he currently ranks 4th in NFL history in receiving yards per game (he’s ahead of Jerry Rice, by the way). We caught up with the Arizona Cardinals superstar at a recent EAS event and asked him how he maintains his edge. How are you planning on staying in shape if a lockout occurs? I’m gonna continue to do the same things I’ve always done. I don’t believe there’s going to be a work stoppage in terms of games in September, so I’m gonna stay on my regular plan that I’ve always been on. Tell us about your workout routine. What kind of workouts do you typically do in the off-season? I work legs, upper body, everything. Legs are very important. I do hang cleans and squats—I do primary exercises. Squats work over 60 percent of your muscle mass in your body. The hang cleans work on my explosive movement, which is essential for success. Check out Larry Fitzgerald’s Workout What’s your diet like? Is it difficult to control your weight during the off-season? The season and the off-season are two totally different things. Like right now I’m in my strength phase, so I eat a lot more protein if I’m trying to pick up a little mass. As the off-season continues, I’ll start running more and I won’t eat as much protein. I won’t take that much in because I get a little heavy. I like to bring my weight back down again. Is there a player that you’ve run into in your time in the NFL that you would say is the pinnacle of fitness? Adrian Wilson. He’s a freak in terms of his physique. Just his work ethic, how strong he is, how quick he is. He’s just freaky. You’ve been in the league since 2004. What’s your strategy for being a leader on the field? I’ve been leading the way I lead for a long time. I’m not a rah rah guy. I’m not gonna be pulling guys together, that’s not really my demeanor. There’s plenty of guys that do a great job leading by example, and that’s kind of how I do it. What’s your most memorable moment in the NFL? I’d say it’s just getting drafted. It was such a lifelong dream of mine to make it, and when I finally made it I was so happy and ready to embark on a great experience. What was it like playing with Kurt Warner? Best player I’ve been around. He’s a terrific talent, and we really miss having him. Not only on the field, but in the locker room—he was just an unbelievable ambassador for our game. I still live a couple of doors down from him, so I always go talk to him.


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