LeBron James Brings Back Short Shorts, Still Furiously Dunks Against Toronto Raptors


LeBron James is ready to change the game—the fashion game.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star has been wearing shorter shorts throughout the season and during the playoffs as a way to set an example for kids around the country. As one of the biggest stars in the sports world, James has a ton of influence, and he’s hoping that his fashion choice catches on. 

James wants to bring out a more “professional” style while leaving “the baggy look behind,” he said in an interview with the  Cleveland Plain Dealer. He added that he wants to be a good role model for kids looking up to basketball players, and for the younger kids that will be playing in the NBA in the future.

“I’m always thinking about ways I can be of help. That’s what it’s about, making sure you’re doing your part,” James said.

James wore the shorts during Cleveland’s race through the first two rounds of the playoffs—two straight sweeps against the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks—and he’s brought them back for the Eastern Conference Finals against the Toronto Raptors. 

So while the wardrobe might have changed, it hasn’t stopped him from doing what he does best—slamming dunks with furious abandon: