Watch: Mapping Ski Runs for Google Street View With an 11K 360-Degree Camera

Last week, the crew from Skilled Mapping spent some time in Alpe D’Huez, mapping the French resort and its Alpen slopes for Google Street View. While ski runs have long been a part of Goggle Street View, recent advancements in camera technology now provide a more immersive experience, with mapping captured by an 11K, 360-degree camera. Go behind the scenes in the video above for a glimpse at how the production all comes together.

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“Have you ever wanted to look at the ski runs at a resort before you book? Have you ever wanted t show your friends and family that run you mastered?” asks Alex from Skilled Mapping. “Camera technology has improved so much recently that we’re now able to map with not a 4K, or an 8K, but an 11K spherical camera.”

The crew’s goal on this project was to test out the brand new cameras, as well as update the current Google Street View for the area, which was taken during the summertime—not super relevant for visiting skiers who need an accurate look at the area.

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The result is a ultra-realistic look into a snow-covered winter playground where skiers and snowboarders get a first-person view of the winter destination they plan to visit.

One obvious item mentioned in the video: Skiing with these state-of-art cameras strapped to your back is not easy. The camera is heavy, for one, and it must be positioned directly over the skier’s head to counterbalance that weight safely for the skier-shooter. “There’s also an additional fear,” adds Alex. “If I topple over, this camera is worth more than my car.”

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