The Lift Lines at Vail Ski Resort This Past Weekend Will Blow Your Mind

It goes without saying that chairlift lines are a pain in the ass. Oftentimes, you’re standing idle while the clock ticks away time left on a lift ticket likely worth several hundred dollars. Nearby skiers and riders grumble in sub-freezing temps as they rip open another hand-warmer, ignoring unwelcome music blaring from a neighbor’s Bluetooth speaker … and then it happens: The lift stops spinning because a newbie steps into the wrong line and tries to add a fifth onto the quad lift. (Face meet palm. We’ve all been there.)

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However, over this past weekend, Vail Ski Resort experienced something that completely boggled our minds. Something of a whole new magnitude. Something that we will cripplingly refer to as “The Lift Line from Hell.” (If lift lines were people, these bulging swaths of snow lovers would be comparable to Arnold Schwarzenegger circa his Mr. Universe heydays.)


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According to Snow Brains, Vail got 24 inches of snow in 48 hours, so massive crowds weren’t surprising. But the site goes on to state that on Saturday, Feb. 8, the gondola at Vail was noticeably longer than usual (after some video footage went viral from the day before), almost triple the length of the Friday line. Talk about a cattle drive. Also worth noting that a regular single-day lift ticket at Vail runs $209.

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Snow Brains explains that the hoards of people traveled up from the Denver area via Interstate 70—which they also detailed was a complete nightmare to navigate, with several resorts at capacity, or closed in the case of Loveland Ski Area.

While most Colorado conditions are certainly all-time at the moment, the colossal crowds might stifle many skiers’ enthusiasm for making the trek over Vail Pass again soon. But one thing is for sure: As soon as the masses are at home icing their knees, the second shift of skiers and riders will most definitely get their fix.

Editor’s Note: Don’t let this footage scare you from the world-class terrain that this resort has to offer. Vail Resorts is most certainly not always this crowded. The crew at Vail called all hands on deck and their team worked tirelessly to mitigate the massive number of hungry powder hounds. To find out exactly how the weekend went down from an operations standpoint, check out this story on Vail’s blog. We’d like to give big props to the staff over there.

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