Michael Jordan Smokes an Insane Number of Cigars Every Day

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Jamie Squire / Staff via Getty

This news piece was written in October 2017.

Perhaps no other professional athlete enjoys retirement quite as much as Michael Jordan. And that’s not just because — despite leaving the NBA more than 14 years ago — he is still considered one of the highest paid athletes in the world, netting $110 million annually thanks to Nike.

A key part to the hall of famer’s post-basketball life is smoking cigars. A lot of them.

Jordan will appear on the cover of the 25th anniversary issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine. In an interview with Marvin R. Shanken, the magazine’s publisher, he admitted to lighting up at least six stogies a day, according to Sports Illustrated, which received a sneak peak of the story.

Naturally, during the interview, Jordan and Shanken each smoked a cigar. A really good (and outrageously expensive) one — 60-year-old Cubans from before Fidel Castro’s reign.

Cigar Aficionado released a short clip of the conversation, in which Jordan is gifted a box with the rest of the cigars, called H. Uppmans. He promised not to smoke more than one a day, presumably lighting up his other daily five from slightly less premium brands.

You can watch the video on Cigar Aficionados website here.

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